Ardour on Raspberry Pi

Plug in the midi controller BEFORE launching Ardour (or it will not be detected and presented in options dropdowns).


Kden Live

  • s ... selection too
  • x ... cutter tool
  • m ... spacer tool (moves everything behind the clip you move)
  • shift + r ... slice

Project > Project settings: set video preset (fps etc)

R-click > Ungroup the clips (or CTRL-Shift-g) ... to separate the audio clip from the video


AppImage - this packages programs so you can run them on anything

This is hard to do. Even harder for 32bit, since most programs aren't available for 32bit AppImage from the libraries. Also, Kali doesn't seem able to give permission to execute as program.

Libraries of already-done AppImages:

How to:

Two not very useful videos:

Online list of AppImages to download:

Try an AppImage (Kdenlive has one you can download from their site):

Make them:

  1. create a folder called ‘st-yourprogram.AppDir’
  2. in that, create a ‘usr’ folder, and inside that a ‘bin’ folder. Put your binary there.

(to prepare for step 3) place an icon in the AppDir folder. 256x256 pixels png (only png), and name it ‘st-256x256’. It needs an icon.

  1. again in st-yourprogram.AppDir, place 3 files:

3a. st-yourprogram.desktop ('st' is just the random name of the program)

  • Open that in a text editor, and do:
  • [Desktop Entry]
  • Name=st-yourprogram
  • Exec=st
  • Icon=st-256x256
  • Type=Application
  • Categories=Utility (is it a System or Utilities or a Game?) (I think this step is optional)
  • then quit that text editor
  • Make this .desktop file executable (right click > Properties > Permissions > Execute > Anyone

3b. AppRun (this is a shellscript. Can be as simple or complicated as you require)

  • Open with a text editor and do something like:
  • #!/bin/sh
  • HERE="$(dirname “$(realink -f ”${0}")")"
  • EXEC="${HERE}/usr/bin/st"
  • exec “${EXEC}”

Make this AppRun executable (right click > Properties > Permissions > Execute > Anyone

You need the actual AppImage tool, ie install it. This might be tricky and involve some troubleshooting (in the video it shows).

About AppImages:

There is no central one store to get them. Don't really update (although vloggers have made videos how to update them).


Tools on the internet, and for the internet



Recording Audio

Firewire is proprietary though (you're licensing tech from Intel).



Computer settings:

  • Use 'high performance' rather than 'power saver.'
  • Turn off 'Allow to turn off' on USB controllers (your computer is constantly trying to find ways to save power, asking 'can I put this to sleep?':