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Common Law Marriage, a Violation of Human Rights?

In several countries, the government imposes a legal status of spouse-hood upon people living together for a certain number of days, regardless of their will, after which it treats them as it does a married couple (in marriage people by choice obtain the legal status of spouses). Continue reading or discuss

A New Opportunity for Smaller Nations?

Considering the high and rising rates of income and corporate tax, increasingly displeasing encroachments on human rights, increasing business and other regulations, increasingly problematic family law, limitations on medical services, restrictions on medications and drugs, and lack of fun things to do in many first world countries, I'm curious why other nations don't try to attract the wealthy, educated, or otherwise valuable citizens of nations like ours. Continue reading or discuss

The Honesty of the Persians

"To the men of other nations, it set forth the absolute fact that verity might be assumed when the Persian of all men spoke." Continue reading or discuss

Indian Jokes

The other day my sister made a comment that struck me as a good point. Our conversation touched on tokenism in sitcoms, and I said something about how Indians (South Asians, not Native Americans) are probably featured more as token characters recently because they cover the race diversity requirement but also don’t seem to mind racist jokes as much as blacks (who would be candidates for the same roles), which offers the show more to work with. “No, they think they’re hil-arious,” she said. She works with Pakistanis in one of those jobs where no one around her really knows what she does because its some kind of boring paperwork-accounting-processing company, but the one thing we are familiar with is the South Asians she works with, and that their friendship and mostly humor are the bright spots of her days. Continue reading or discuss

The Law of the Somalis, a Nation Without Central Government

Recently, it came to my attention that Somalia had a completely different type of law. It may be the only country in the world that has shown that they “don’t need central government” and was functioning fine. Continue reading or discuss

The Once and Future Internet

Those who have been around for the last 3 decades of internet have seen 3 phases. First, in the 90s, when people spoke about the internet with hope, optimism, and pride, as a great tool that would connect all people, improve everyone's lives, access to information, and allow us to reach any person or the world so simply. Continue reading or discuss

Does anyone remember websites?

These might be unfamiliar to anyone unexposed to the internet before 2005 or so, and may be all-but-forgotten for many others, obscured by the last 10 years of relentless internet development, but before mass social media platforms and amazing business opportunities on the internet, it was largely a collection of websites made by people who were interested in some subject enough to write about it and put it online. Continue reading or discuss


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