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What Men's Liberation Is

What Men's Liberation Is

Just as women were once oppressed with strict limitations decided by men who held much more social power, now women, who have new power, seem to have oppressed men with some ideas that benefit them at the expense of men. The oppression of men in this way will result in a 'men's liberation,' such as is already taking place.

I will just use one example that seems to be already changing:

A recent post from TRP showed up in my reddit feed this week. It was a post on DiCaprio's (43) new girlfriend (20), and this was followed the next day by an Endorsed Contributor's post about how to properly submit a post (links to both at the bottom). What was most interesting was that the comments rationalizing and 'being-over' the story outweighed the 'disgust' and 'creepy' and 'they can't have anything in common' comments, although over the past couple of years most of the many older-men-dating-younger-women stories, as well as teacher-student stories, see the men-shaming side of things weigh heavier in the comments.

The EC redpillbanana's comments on the original popular post and my own thoughts after reading what people wrote on the DiCaprio post were similar, as he pointed to what is now starting to be acknowledged as shaming of men for attraction to women in their physical prime, a shame which is internalized by men who then adopt the shaming stance and perpetuate it. He also explained his own experience with dating university-aged girls in terms of having lots in common (he made a list of common grounds), which was agreed with by others who said they found them fun, with enjoyment in life, freshness, etc.

This is particularly interesting in light of gender liberation movements. We are familiar with the cause of the original women's lib: limitations placed on women which interfered with women doing things in life they wanted to do, and this oppression included shaming women who acted outside of fairly strict roles which were significantly in the interest of mature men, and these shame ideas were internalized by women and perpetuated by women against other women. Women who wanted another type of life were shamed, and this no doubt led to neurosis. Nowadays, women have way more options in the West, and women live many different ways that suit them individually and generally without being shamed.

But as women took roles of power all over the place in the last few decades, we've seen some cultural ideas become powerful that are not in the interests of men, that limit men in their lives to the benefit of mature women.

One of these is almost certainly the idea that it's strange for men to be most strongly attracted to women around the age of 20, no matter what age a man is. Anyone with any reading in history, literature, or culture studies will not find anything anywhere anytime that offers another general ideal but a young, beautiful woman, and biology and the other sciences will tell the same story. Yet, in the past 20 years, the timeless ideal has been replaced in public culture by an enforced idea that men should try to date women their own age, or a few years younger. This idea doesn't conform with men's attraction, but with women's. It's hard to imagine any male-dominated society coming up with this one, but possible to imagine this idea being enforced by women in a society where they have social, political and other powers.

However, this limitation on men's lives, just like past limitations on women's lives, is without justifiable reason, and so we can call it 'oppression' and a result of 'tyranny.' This means that men will need to become 'liberated' from it, just as women did, and that they will experience neurosis, confusion, and frustration until they do so.

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The purpose of this article is to engage in discussion on one of this blogs favorite topics, culture and cultural change.

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