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Are "Bad Guys" Becoming Internet Saviours?

Are "Bad Guys" Becoming Internet Saviours?

Internet censorship really came to the fore last year, when the large platforms began banning content they deemed "offensive," which included hate speech. Even Cloudflare, which had always stated its position as agnostic regarding content, and had earned a lot of trust with that stance, dropped Daily Stormer, joining all the other bigs.

I had my eye open for who would step up and host these groups, wondering where free speech would go. No one seemed to step up.

One thing I didn't expect though was that these groups themselves would become hosts to free speech.

Recently, YouTube blanket banned all (or most) gun videos. Many people making these videos went to publish on PornHub, which has been in the news a few times over the past couple years for making non-porn socially helpful moves. Also recently, the mod of the Red Pill subreddit made a post about how many people were coming to him for a reliable platform for just engaging in regular free speech, and that many subreddits were being shut down. Red Pill was very controversial and had lots of complaints a year or two ago, but has become an important location now for exchange of controversial ideas. r/TheDonald also shot up to prominence 2 years ago due to news and people being banned and censored on r/news and r/worldnews, although it has since lost its free expression luster.


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