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A New Opportunity for Smaller Nations?

A New Opportunity for Smaller Nations?

Considering the high and rising rates of income and corporate tax, increasingly displeasing encroachments on human rights, increasing business and other regulations, increasingly problematic family law, limitations on medical services, restrictions on medications and drugs, and lack of fun things to do in many first world countries, I’m curious why other nations don’t try to attract the wealthy, educated, or otherwise valuable citizens of nations like ours.

Take for example a State like Croatia, or Bosnia, or Romania, or Tanzania, or Kiribati. Why wouldn’t they try to attract all the new money tech entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, scholars and scientists, to settle there, open up trade and commerce for them, start new businesses, and generate new activity and money?

It’s well-known that most Westerners, as well as other nationals – the new rich in mainland Asia come to mind -- are unhappy about these things and would most likely consider relocation – many already are relocating. They have means, and their presence doesn’t include much risk for the hosts. I’m surprised poorer nations aren’t trying to bring them in with enticements of low tax rates, minimal business and activity regulation, simplified laws, no restrictions on and easy access to medical services, increased fun things to do, etc. Instead, these countries focus on tourism only, and prohibit people staying, even those with money and incomes, by making citizenship expensive, difficult or impossible.

Is this an overlooked opportunity for small countries?



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