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Productos de Colombia

Products that Colombia ships to other places in the world. Although some of these I would have doubts they manufacture in Colombia and not in China. But still, Colombian world brands.

Imusa: Cookware and small appliances (purchased by a french company)

Victoria: Cast iron cookware

Hatsu: iced tea

Rappi: Delivery service

Aquazzura: Luxury shoes

M2Malletier: designer purses

Touché: Underwear, swimwear, pajamas

Avianca: airline (perhaps more Panamanian than Colombian)

Aguila: Beer

Poker: Beer

Bavaria: Beer, and they also buy other international beer brands and improve them

Juan Valdez: Coffee and coffee shops around the world

Café Quindio: especially in Asia and starting to expand to Europe

Quala products: Vive100, Gel ego, Savital, Frutiño, Saviloe and Bon Ice

Maaji: Swimwear

Odademar: Swimwear (expensive in the US)

Undergold: Street wear

Colombina: Candy, including Bom Bom Bum, has won international awards for innovating flavors and sugar alternatives

Arturo Calle (like Hugo Boss)

Veléz: Leather bags, boots, belts

Totto: Bags and some clothing

Ron Dictador: Liquors

Alpina: milkbased products company, probiotics, desserts like the Alpinnette

Argos: cement company

Postobon: soda, juices, sport drinks, and one of the most important companies supporting Colombian sport in worldwide events.

Grupo Nutresa: nutritional/food products

Ron Parce: Rum

Pera_d.k: clothing, alpargatas, swimsuits, jumpsuits, jeans, leggings, shorts, pijamas, some cosmetics

Iasumi: otaku/kpop/anime/e-boy merchandise, and clothing, pijamas, sweaters, jackets, jeans, shirts

PrettyYoungThings: aesthetic watch with cartoons and pop culture themes, bags, accessories

Kozidoshop: rings, accessories, bags with a punk/rock style

Nihlo: Cosmetics, hair and skin care products


Colombia is the world's second largest exporter of flowers.

Notes: Colombiamoda Fashion Week,


HP Is A Bad Company

How can it be argued?

I usually buy Canon printers, but in this city or country they have much less product selection than I'm used to. They had just one laser printer, an HP, which I bought for that reason. That there was only one to chose from.

This printer should print thousands of pages, but after probably less than 1000, it started flashing a 'low toner' error message, which I could at first bypass but then stopped the printer from printing. All the prints are still black. The toner is fine. Online, people comment that companies do this to force you to buy their toner, which they price above other makers and try to force you to require by putting chips on them so the printers won't use toner from other sources. Here, the shops take the chip off and put it on the other maker's toner.

Could HP even make an argument, though, that they aren't a bad company, using these practices?

Earlier-made products in good condition are worth a lot still for this reason. Printers made before they started putting chips in, processors before Intel IME and AMD PCH, Windows systems before Windows 8. Before these companies learned and decided to abuse their customers. For this reason, ARM is favored, since the discovery a year or so ago about what Intel and AMD had in there. People sometimes go from Windows 10 to Windows 7, and use software to prevent telemetry with that organization, and Linux is picking up market share, although some say MS or the organizations controlling it are making their way into the most common Linux distros to do the same thing they did with Windows. And the industries and services that have opened up because of the need to fix printer false limitations.


Soros on Palantir

Soros Fund Management, which holds 1% of Palatir's Class A (limited voting) shares, and which backed Palantir, the 'company that knows everything about you,' software used by governments, privately in 2012 through a portfolio manager who's no longer with SFM, announced in a statement this week that they had sold all their Palantir shares they weren't legally or contractually obliged to hold, and that they'd keep selling as permitted, because 'does SFM not approve of Palantir's business practices,' and that although they originally 'made this investment at a time when the negative social consequences of big data were less understood,' 'SFM would not make an investment in Palatir today.'

In 2018 Soros publicly stated that Google and Facebook are a 'menace to society' and 'obstacles to invention.'

Palantir's stock is rising steadily and has doubled since it IPO'd a few months ago.


Alesis Samplepad Pro notes

Files must be:

16bit wav files, mono or stereo, 8-character titles


What's Windows?

Occasionally something on a forum comes up where people are dealing with the problems of Windows. I used to suffer with that so much, but so much time has passed now I barely know what Windows is anymore. The only time it comes up is when I see someone having problems with theirs online.