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US is blacklisting more Chinese companies

I don't invest in any Chinese companies, so I don't care much, but it's interesting that no one is really framing this in terms of the fact China and it's companies aren't doing anything new that is considered bad. Closer to the truth is that the US has been bad in allowing China to do these things, dating to Kissinger I guess.


Notes on Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView

Install on Windows or Mac, because it requires things that pertain to those systems. I put it on a Windows10. (It can be done on Linux, but the things you have to install seemed like they might compromise Linux security so may as well do it on a Windows machine. I could be wrong about this.)


Install the Elixir exe file from the website. (It also comes with something called Erlang, which you can do coding in with Elixir, but I don't know if anyone uses it.)


Then open Command Prompt and install the 'Phoenix app generator' (change the version number to most recent) with:

mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.5.7

It will prompt you to also install 'hex.'

At this point you can make new Phoenix projects with:

mix projectname

You will have created a folder in your 'User' folder which has whatever 'projectname' you gave it. You can also now cd to that folder in Command Prompt with 'cd projectname'

However, you want to use a code editor for auto-predicting code text, because Command Prompt doesn't do this. I put in Visual Studio, which is what YouTubers were using. Go to their site and install. It's about 700mb I think. When it opens I pick 'dark mode' since YouTubers use that.


Install Git on the computer from the page. You need it to install LiveView from the github repository.

Now, in Visual Studio, open the folder projectname. Go to mix.exs and add the dependency for Phoenix Liveview. To do this, under the phoenix, 1.5.7 line add:

{phoenix_live_view, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view"};

then go to Command Prompt, where you are still cd'd to your project folder, and type:

mix do, deps.get, compile

However, at this step it might not compile because Erlang 21 has an issue on Windows, so you would have to downgrade to Erlang 20.


Stocks seem to be in a trading range

After going up in November quite significantly. I had some positions then, and increased as we entered the range.

Being comfortably invested, about 90% or so, I have no stocks really to trade, and am trying to find someone to teach me Phoenix/Liveview to code a couple of apps as a way to never have to think about working again and fund some projects I'd actually like to do.


What's the Internet?

A while ago I was like, 'What's Windows?' but there's nothing but bad news in developments on the internet, which in quality also is just declining for reasons that people are limited by privacy and other violations from putting anything good up, while being only allowed to put up garbage. Hacks are in the news every week, and the biggest tech companies can't prevent them. Governments continue to put personal data on their systems, like health systems, which get hacked, and financial info sites like Equifax get hacked. Google has widespread service outages today, affecting gmail, Drive, etc. The US Treasury and another department was hacked today (official news party line is pointing at Russia). A couple days later the US Treasury named for the first time Vietnam (5% of their GDP) and Switzerland (14% of their GDP) as currency manipulators in the Treasury's new foreign exchange report, but not China, which news sites saw as a notable exclusion. China completed it's quantum computer, billions of times faster than the second-faster computer, reportedly, this week.

I'm not sure why governments and organizations that have private or sensitive information don't just build a second set of pipes and a closed internet, or move back to paper, or at least machines that don't have USB or other pluggable drives and no internet connection. Besides actually protecting information of US and other people who use these companies and services, it would also make technicians and workers more accountable, because whereas now you can't really track a data leak or hack, with paper it's sort of a different story. Most ridiculous in this is that the US and those big companies violate human and citizen rights as their basic process, which they ask to be allowed to do because they're protecting these people on a higher level. Although no one really believes this except the most gullible, this argument can't even be made when the organizations are so careless and weak they're responsible for creating huge risks to Americans and others.

We might just come to the conclusion the internet is not a place for anything private, and shut our lives off from it, except our public profiles, companies, etc. Additionally, we might adopt Europe-style right-to-be-removed procedure to keep ourselves off a pernicious tool such as the internet has become.

I remember a home PC before internet. We used it for composing pictures in Paint, writing letters to print and send, doing accounting on a spreadsheet program, and playing games, some on disks and other simple ones on early Windows. We just enjoyed it and never thought about negative things with it, except the difficulty of installing or running things because there was no computer scientist in the family.

Today I tried to go back on the internet, to revisit some of the projects I used to work on, and look at making some new ones. Everything was impossible. Godaddy is the worst company on the internet, incredibly stupid, keeps updating their website and it seems they're using $2 an hour Indian coders who every site edit make it worse. Nothing works. It doesn't even work with most browsers anymore. It doesn't load from some countries. I couldn't make payments. They also run a scam where if you search the domain you want and then don't buy it, they'll take it off the market and if you search a few days later you get 'it's not available but maybe we can still get it for you for $200.' They've been doing it for years and years, and I and associates have lost a lot of domains that were perfect for our project this way. Search an incredibly esoteric combination of words, find the .com is obviously available, go back 2 days later and find it taken. I try to remember to search a fake domain like godaddysucks to test their often-nonfunctioning website first, but forgot this time, so I've lost the domain that matches the rare name company I was going to develop a website for. Similar things at every step. Nothing works on the internet anymore. The only thing that works well is the 5 or 10 tech giant apps that track and monitor you.

Hardware is also made like garbage now. The new Lenovo Thinkpad L380 I got a few months ago already is showing it's low quality as the cord can't connect, something I suspected on day one because of the weird, weak power connector socket, and it flickers like a 90's modem, unable to really charge. I continue to buy 10 year old machines because the quality was better.


Sanyu Goldfish, and the return of the art market

Christie's saw about $300m for each of the summer months, and sold about 95% of what they offered, and commented the market was maybe back where it had been before March 2020. Millenials were 25% of the buyers. The main sales item is still Chinese art, but there is some interest in Western art also, they said. Sanyu's Goldfish (1930's) sold for about $8 or $9m.