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US is blacklisting more Chinese companies

I don't invest in any Chinese companies, so I don't care much, but it's interesting that no one is really framing this in terms of the fact China and it's companies aren't doing anything new that is considered bad. Closer to the truth is that the US has been bad in allowing China to do these things, dating to Kissinger I guess.


Soros on Palantir

Soros Fund Management, which holds 1% of Palatir's Class A (limited voting) shares, and which backed Palantir, the 'company that knows everything about you,' software used by governments, privately in 2012 through a portfolio manager who's no longer with SFM, announced in a statement this week that they had sold all their Palantir shares they weren't legally or contractually obliged to hold, and that they'd keep selling as permitted, because 'SFM does not approve of Palantir's business practices,' and that although they originally 'made this investment at a time when the negative social consequences of big data were less understood,' 'SFM would not make an investment in Palatir today.'

In 2018 Soros publicly stated that Google and Facebook are a 'menace to society' and 'obstacles to invention.'

Palantir's stock is rising steadily and has doubled since it IPO'd a few months ago.

I bought their stock this week, but I would be happy to see policy that would limit or destroy the type of broad spying and data collection they do.

Going public is a good way to turn opinion, though, whereas a private company that spies will likely be hated by everyone but the spy companies that employ them, a public company with a rising stock will inevitably create favor and support in it's stock owners. I can counter this but I doubt the majority could.