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Male-Female Relations and Law

Weinstein was convicted in a mixed verdict of 12 jurors (why are they using a jury?). Here's what one said:

"It wasn't rape in the first degree. There was no physical compulsion with the threat of bodily harm or death. But there was no consent given, despite a lack of physical resistance, and a reasonable person should have known that there was no consent given in that instance."

Convicting people of a crime even if the person doesn't attempt to turn away from sex or kissing or whatever! Accepting it, and then calling it a crime? Western law is unbelievable and actually infuriating.

Basically every person who has kissed their husband or wife or partner, or an acquaintance or friend, when they didn't respond by kissing back, or even if they did kiss back (presumably Weinstein's partners may well have done so) has by this definition committed sexual assault.