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BR-80 Notes


Menu > Mastering > click Rec to arm it, then play and mastering starts It takes the amount of time the song is


Bitwig Notes

When you install Bitwig, check your previous version/files, because if you made your projects on Bitwig 3 and then you install bitwig 2.4, it won't open your projects from 3.

Tracks greyed out, upper left of arranger (below 4/4 and bpm) there's a box with like 3 grey lines: click it

Switch to PulseAudio so you can have multiple things playing audio at a time (48000 worked for me for less crackliness)

VST plugins, where to put them.


Create multisamples in Bitwig

Create a new Sampler instanace and click ‘create new multisample’ on the unit.

Just drag the set of files, so long as they're convention-named like ‘V1 C2 TheSynth’


Musescore Notes

highlight - right-click 'select all similar' then 'v' to make them 'invisible,' and if you want go to 'View' and uncheck 'Show Invisible'

highlight a note and hit CTRL-t to add text above the staff

highlight note and Shift-s to make staccato

highlight notes and click 1, 2, 3, or 4 to make them all into one voice (doesn't totally work)

Edit > Preferences > Canvas display vertically

select first note then CTRL-Shift-End which selects everything to the end. Cut. Select the place you want to move it all to, and Paste (to shift a section ahead a beat)

Inspector to change a note's color, but you have to complete the color change action, and make the color light enough it's not black.

change Tempo - F11


  • Import the midi file and it will process as piano.
  • Then type i for instruments and add a guitar. Now you have an empty guitar tab under the piano. Copy and paste the piano notes to the tab.


R-click the tab part at the very start of it, and select Staff/Part properties > Edit String Data, and edit the strings