Intelligence is simply talking to many people

2020 and On

Venezuala: Towards a No-Man's Land Oil no one wants, and when the US refining plant is built no one will use, but what about the continent? Everyone with money has already left. Calories will go down like 90%.

SA: A New King

SS: After Tribal War

China: Holding Together While Doing Harm

India: After Call Centers

Russia: A Purpose and a President

US: The Globe

US: The Only Currency That Matters No Where to Go But Up for 5 Decades

Europe: Another Old Stage

France: New France

Nigeria: A Nigeria Without Oil

Iran: Persia

Japan: Developments

Greece: Economy

Cognitive Science, Communication, Hard-science Psychology, Social Sciences, Imagination

Ecology and Animal Science

New Language


World Rap, Poetry, Haiku

Master of Interviews

WHO, UN, corruption, effects


The Line: Human Rights

Amnesty, EFF,

Giza Museum

To be continued ...

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