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Bulk convert mp3s to wavs using ffmpeg (foss)

Put all the mp3s in a folder and open Terminal in that folder and do:

for f in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -i "$f" "$(basename $f).wav"; done

However, this will produce filenames like originalName.mp3.wav. This will cause errors on SD cards, and you might have to reformat the SDcard (it will lock all the files and folders as 'read only'.)



  • Manjaro VM (after doing install inside the VM, remove the Manjaro iso from the VM's Settings > Storage
  • You need AUR (not preinstalled on Manjaro): To enable AUR on Manjaro, launch Pamac and click on the three vertical dots at the top right-hand corner. Click on Preferences and enter your password, when prompted. Navigate to the Third-Party tab. In the AUR section, enable the Enable AUR Support toggle. Let the system auto-refresh for the changes to incorporate. (takes time maybe?) and check off those under there.
  • from the AUR in package manager, download python2-gimp

Javascript notes

2 ways to put javascript on a page

<scripttttttt>alert('Hello world');</scriptttttttt>
a second file, called main.js
No need for <scripttttttt> tags because it's in the js file, so just put
alert('Hellow world');

To view this in the browser, you want Console (tab) in Developer Tools for whatever browser

You can type javascript in it, like


and it works

VOCABULARY The DOM is the user interface (selecting elements), as separate from the Console where actions are performed.

const = can't be changed (you can change the values of arrays variables etc though), and you have to put a value.

let = like an initial position


Latam travel notes

Tip for all Colombia vacationers and expats who have a Visa Credit or Debit card. Only at the following Colombian banks you can withdraw cash for free: 1. BBVA 2. CAJA SOCIAL, 3. DAVIVIENDA. All others charge fees at the ATM. And additionally at DAVIVIENDA you have to DECLINE the exchange rate on the left side of the screen suggested. (May not be current info)


PureData synth program

Doesn't work with PulseAudio, although Linux now uses PulseAudio by default. It wants Alsa, but it can be made to work with Jack.