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Things I'm Searching For

Things I'm Searching For

The following are things I've searched for but haven't been able to find, and if anyone can send me information about where one is, please do:

A small pixel-Qi tablet. In other words, a tablet that I can use as a computer (type on, read pages on, open browsers on), that consumes very low power (so lasts without charging), and has a non-eyestrain screen (hence pixelQi, which is no longer producing) that can be read outdoors. Should have software enough to plug in a keyboard and mouse when needed, as well as a switch to hard-disconnect internet and to disconnect communications ports (webcam and mic if equipped).

A few blogs I can't find anymore. I've now been reading things on the internet to experience the feeling of loss that comes with remembering something that used to be on a fairly popular if small blog I really enjoyed, typing it into Google (and then other engines), and having nothing but a bunch of top-ranked pages come up. Even after looking through the 10 or 20 pages found, there is no trace of this old page or blog. WayBackMachine doesn't help.

One is an old blog about a young man who was teaching English in Japan. I think it was called Josh in Japan (not to be confused with a still-going PodCast with the same name, but which is definitely not the same). He wrote about his days and nights there, he was a skater from the States. He hooks up with a VJ from MTV Japan in one blog.

Another blog is about a guy who (for work, I think, but maybe not) is in some sunny small location in the world like Ibiza or Spain or Portugal (although it could be Cyprus or Turkey or who knows where else) and he writes in one or a few blogs about the new-and-big in those days dance-rock scene and Franz Ferdinand, and all the kids and girls who dress up in leather jackets and go out. He writes that he was a bit older and wasn't really in the scene, but I still remember the read being interesting.

Actually, I'd like to find more online blogs in general. I mean the type where a person writes their thoughts and experiences, little treatises-of-sorts about things that occur to them, things that impress them that they encountered or did. If you know of some of these blogs, let me know so I can take a look, please.

Books: A book about the "Epic Cycle" - ie the 7 stories that include the Odyssey and the Iliad. An English translation of a Christopher Frank book (author of Year of the Jellyfish).


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