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Intelligence is simply talking to many people.

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Lessons from Ecology

Lives of the Animals Around Us

Freedom of Speech


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The only popular article on this website so far: #RememberWebsites

These are some pages I add things to regularly (or not that regularly)

Philosophy and Quotes , p.2

Concepts and Language

Reading Material (Some things that might be worth reading)

Some pages that might be useful or interesting

How to make a website - EASY Some Things in Code

Other things in progress you can ignore

Voices Sweet as Broken Dates (In progress)
Changing People's Minds (In progress)
The Once and Future Internet
Internet Crisis (In progress)
What Can Be Done With Internet (some good uses) (In progress)
Supplementary Material (Updated occasionally)

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hackernews, r/TTTThis (discussion)
First Amendment Lawyers Association, First Amendment Law Review, ACLU, CCLA, Human Rights Library
EEF, Online Censorship
Aspen, Lowy, CSIS, Milken, Mises

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