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Make SVG vectors with Inkscape

Turning an image into an SVG for Blender

  • I think svg is like a bunch of code, so doesn't work like an image
  • Use a png. Open in Inkscape. Path > Trace Bitmap. Save as ... (svg). Should work.
  • In Blender, File > Import > sv

Making SVGs for screenprinting

  • Import image
  • draw a shape (rectangle) over it. It will be solid color, so down below double-click the color and make it somewhat opaque.
  • click and shift-click the two things (your picture and the colored square you drew over it)
  • Object > Clip > Set
  • And resize content: File > Document Properties > Resize page to content and click “Resize page ...”

If it's a color

Object > Ungroup

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